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Become a monthly mission partneR TODAY!

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When you join Divine Nest's Monthly Mission Partners, you join a dedicated group of individuals making a difference and investing in the lives of children and those who care for them. Through your generosity, you will help fund first night bags, training and various supports to help foster and adoptive families.

$25 a month / .83 cents a day, you will help provide 1/2 of a first night bag or help provide childcare for one support group.

$50 a month / $1.67 a day, you will provide 1 first night bag or help a family attend a trauma informed training session.

$100 a month / $3.33 a day, you will provide 2 first night bags or help four families attend an event.

Each MMP who commits to 12 months of giving will receive a Divine Nest t-shirt! Also, each MMP will receive regular quarterly updates. 

Every gift makes an impact! Kids often face family situations that cause trauma, fear, and brokenness. Kids do not get to choose their circumstances. Many times these situations cause kids to be placed into foster care and experience even more trauma. Your monthly support will make a difference in the lives of these children. Thank you for choosing to be part of dedicated group willing to make a difference! 

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