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support Groups

We know the importance of community. Many times adoptive and foster families isolate themselves when they begin to go through hard times. We know that is not healthy. Bringing these families together builds friendships and support that is so necessary to push through these circumstances and know you are not alone.

When kids come from hard places, the blueprints of their brains that are under development are different from someone developing in a healthy environment. Out of this blueprint most life experiences are filtered through fear not love. When a child is processing everything from a state of fear negative behaviors and attachment problems surface. To combat this it takes a different style of parenting and a strategy of recognizing the fear that is driving the behavior. 

Our support group meet regularly at different times during the year for either a six or eight week session. We do offer training during these sessions so training hours are available for licensed foster families. The best friendships come out of these group meetings. We arrange childcare and have meals at these meetings. 

Click HERE for upcoming support group meetings

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